Local Affiliations:
Baptist Fellowship of Grand Rapids
President, Rev. Dr. Clifton Rhodes
Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
President, Rev. Dozie Cox                


District Affiliation:

Chain Lake District Missionary Baptist Association
Moderator, Rev. William Wyne        

State Affiliation:
Wolverine State Convention
President, Rev. Dr. Henry Fuller       

National Affiliation:
National Baptist Convention, USA
President, Rev. Dr. William Shaw    

Chain Lake District Missionary Baptist Association

District Officials

Parent Body: Elected
Rev. William Wyne
Battle Creek
Rev. John Price
1st Vice Moderator
Benton Harbor
  2nd Vice Moderator  
  Director General  
Sis. Josie Wyne Treasurer Kalamazoo
Rev. Timothy Troxler Asst. Treasurer Kalamazoo
Sis. Dessie Fullerton Financial Secretary Battle Creek
Sis. Brenda Pierre Recording Secretary Grand Rapids
Parent Body: Appointed    
Rev. Kenneth Shelton Missionary Muskegon
Rev. Clifton Rhodes, Sr. Missionary Grand Rapids
Rev. Timothy Troxler Missionary Kalamazoo
Sis. Erma McGinnis Devotional Leader Battle Creek
Christian Education: Elected    
Rev. Addis Moore President Kalamazoo
Rev. Leonard Gant 1st Vice President Grand Rapids
Congress Elected    
Rev. Craig Tatum Dean Battle Creek
Congress: Appointed    
Rev. Dallas Lenear Assistant Dean, Youth Grand Rapids
Rev. Fred Alexander Assistant Dean Albion
Rev. Jeffrey Lang Assistant Dean Jackson
Discipleship Development: Elected    
Rev. Lenzy Bell Young Adult Director Kalamazoo
Rev. Maurice McAfee Young Adult Assistant Benton Harbor
Rev. Bryant Bacon Young Adult Assistant Dowagiac
Sis. Deborah Jackson Children's Co-Director Kalamazoo
Sis. Cassandra Bridges Children's Co-Director Kalamazoo
  Young People Co-Director  
Sis. Doreen Gardner Young People Co-Director Kalamazoo
Women's Auxiliary: Elected    
Sis. Dorothy Price President Grand Rapids
Sis. Jean O. Smith 1st Vice President Dowagiac
Open 2st Vice President Battle Creek
Sis. Regina Allen 3st Vice President Covert
Sis. Jeri Sims Secretary Benton Harbor
Sis. Linda Bradford *Assistant Secretary Niles
Sis. Martha Rhodes Spiritual Advisor Grand Rapids
Layman's Auxiliary: Elected    
Bro.Andre Pierre President Grand Rapids
  Vice President  
Bro. David Kennedy Recording Secretary Battle Creek
Bro. Elray Thomas Treasurer Battle Creek
Emeritus Officials:    
Rev. Sherman McClain   Covert
Rev. A. Polk Williams   Jackson

Calendar of Events (District)

Barnes Cobb - Annual Event held in February.

Inspirational Session - Annual event held in April.

Eugenia Vaughn Retreat -  Annual event held in April.

Annual Session - July 7 - 10, 2008 held at Mt Zion Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, MI,

Rev. Addis Moore, Pastor

List Of Classes

July 7- 10, 2008

Adult and Young Adult Classes

Course #5012

Becoming an Effective Deacon                                   Deacon Ron Franklin

Who should attend:  Deacons, Deacons in Training

This course is designed to assist the Deacon in becoming aware of his biblical base. The student taking this course will be presented with ideas that will enable him to more effectively perform his duties.


Course # 2007                                                             

Christian Stewardship                                                  Rev. Timothy Troxler

Who should attended:  Lay persons, trustees, deacons.

This course will cover the basic tenets (laws) of Christian Stewardship-time, talent, and tithe. Through a better understanding of the spiritual principles, practices and contributions that Christian stewardship makes to personality development and kingdom growth, the student will more effectively manage the resources with which God has blessed him or her.


Course # 5015

Ministers Wives                                        Sis. Rena Lang & Sis. Martha Rhodes

Who should attend:  Minister wives, Widows of ministers

This course is designed to focus on the minister’s wife and her responsibilities as Christian, a mother, wife and community servant.

Course #5004

Principles of Pastoral Leadership Class                   Pastor William Wyne

Who should attend:  Pastors, lay clergy

This course focuses on the shepherd quality prevalent in pastoral ministry. Students will be directed to the Pastoral Epistles to use as guidelines and direction


Course #1086

Church History in Acts                                                          Pastor Henry Allen

Who should attend:  Individuals interested in learning more about the birth of the church and the challenges associated with the spread of the gospel.

(Deacons, teachers, laymen, missionaries, evangelists, laypersons)

This course will focus on the development of the church after the ascension of Jesus Christ.  Students will probe information about the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and the spreading of the Gospel from Jerusalem, Judah, Samaria, and throughout the known world. The prominence of Peter and Paul will be identified.


Book of James                                                                           Sis. Louise Price

Who should attend:  Lay persons, Church leaders,

This class will explore a letter  that offers students a strong biblical basis for ethical behavior.  It also offers an excellent tool for students who are looking for a more practical application of their faith.


 1st   and  2nd  Corinthians                                                  Rev. William Whitfield

Who should attend:  Lay persons, Church leaders,

This course surveys First and Second Corinthians with emphasis on dating, the authorship, the themes and general content. These two letters, written six to eighteen months apart, offer strong  evidence of uncontested Pauline authorship.   The student will be able to see some of the strong philosophical problems challenging Paul’s apostleship and the very message off Paul. The course will survey such alien philosophies as Gnosticism and Asceticism. The course will also look at the relationship between Christians within the church.  These letters give heavy focus on such doctrines as love and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Baptist Doctrine                                                          Rev. Leonard Gant

Who should attend:  Lay persons, Church leaders, Christian Education leaders

This class examines with simplicity and clarity the basic teaching of the Baptist faith. Students will explore each doctrinal position and the biblical basis for each position taught in the class. 



Growing the church through the Sunday School                   Sis.  Ruby Sledge

Who should attend:  Christian Education Directors, Sunday school teachers, Bible study teachers, general membership

 This workshop will focus on how to grow the church through the Christian Education department. Specifically, this class will address how to prepare a teachers outline, how to evaluated effective teaching, how to develop an effective school department and more.


Workshop #2  Music in the Worship Experience                                         Minister Larry Allen

Who should attend:  Lay persons, Church leaders, Musicians, Choir members & Directors

 This workshop will explore the dynamics of music in the worship experience.  Specifically, this class will focus on music that is appropriate for prayer, praise, and the ministry of the word. It will help musicians, praise teams, deacons and choirs understand the connection that must take place in order for music to be purposeful and effective in the worship experience. 


Workshop #3                                                           

Balancing Home, Church and Work                                     Pastor Lenzy Bell

Who should attend:  Lay persons, church leaders

This workshop will cover effective ways to have balance in your work, personal and church life. Often times Christians experience burnout due to the inability to balance their lives. This course will provide tips on how to become better at managing your life.


 Faith and Fitness                                                                  Rev. Thalmus Allen

Lay persons, church leaders

More than 60 percent of Americans ages 20 years and older are overweight. One-quarter of American adults are also obese. This class will explore ways to maintain fitness and how it impacts your walk with God. Biblical precepts will be introduced to help students understand the need to be fit and the long term effects fitness has on their quality of life. 


Lecture Series 

Lecture: Monday

Rev. K. M.  Gavin, Attorney at Law

Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Benton Harbor

(Taking Care of Legal issues: Power of Attorney, Living Wills)


This lecture will offer ways to “get thine house in order” and eliminate problems for your family after a loved one has passed away. It will cover the process a family member(s) pursues to obtain power of attorney over a loved one whose mental ability or health hinders their ability to take care of themselves.  This lecture will offer students a great way to further understand wills and additional legal issues. 




Lecture: Tuesday

 How to develop or become a Non Profit Corporation (501c-3)

Churches interested in applying for grants are often not considered because they do not have 501 c-3 status.  This lecture will help students and churches discover the process to become a Non-Profit Corporation.


Annual Session 2006


Youth Division

Minister Doreen Gardner, Director

 Teen Topic

"Call Waiting, Part two"

 Who should attend:

Teenagers, Youth Leaders


There is a predestined "call waiting" on each of our lives.  Jeremiah 1:5 states,  "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you."   This curriculum is designed to help youth to discover God's call for their lives, and respond to that call.  It will also help them to begin to answer the following questions:  Where is God leading me and how do I follow that path?  Is there a connection between my interest and God's call?  How does being a Christian affect my life choices?   

Children’s Division

Sis. Cassandra Bridges & Sis Deborah Jackson, Co-Directors

Children’s Topic

The Holy Spirit helps us see people the way God does. With the Holy Spirit we can touch them with LOVE, bring them together with GENTLENESS, be at PEACE, and help us honor God by practicing SELF-CONTROL.

(Galatians 5:22-23, Ephesians 4:2, Philippians 4:16, James 4:10)



Extended Session - Annual event held in October

Regional Meetings:

Regions 1 & 2

Region 3 will meet

Region 4

Region 1

Region 2



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